About Us

Canadian E Market ( SKIP THE MALL), is an online platform/Local Marketplace and On-demand Delivery service, that connects Shopper to local Stores within their city, all over Canada. Canadian E market is a Platform Designed by Canadians for Canadians and we aim to provide Canadians with a much simplified, faster and seamless way to shop for everything and anything from fashion, groceries, Electronics to Household items from multiple local stores within their city, in one order and have it delivered in as little as 45 minutes.
“A wonderful way to SKIP THE MALL”.
We are also focused on promoting Canadian local Store businesses by providing them with an Online Shopping and Delivery Service to make there Stores More accessible to Customers withing their City. We are providing Local Stores with an opportunity to participate in the fast Growing online shopping in Canada, while also allowing them to preserve their Brick and Mortar Locations, as they no longer have to worry about competing with online retail Giants like Amazon.
We Provide an outstanding shopping experience for our customers.